paranormal activity

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal activity is any incident that involves supernatural and paranormal occurrence which is beyond the human conception, far away from reality and outside scientific theories. The paranormal activity need not be just ghost movements, but also can include psychic episodes, alien encounters, UFO sightings, extra sensory perceptions, para-psychological entities, etc. The terms that are related to paranormal activity are medium, clairvoyance, telepathy, psychokinesis, retrocognition, etc and all these terms can be generally explained as extra ordinary senses and powers possessed by people who can say and do things that cannot be elucidated by physics or human psychology. Even some magical tricks where the magician reads the mind of people and makes things fly or disappear come under paranormal activity.

Paranormal Activity - Ghost Movements: In general whenever paranormal activity is mentioned people relate it with just ghosts, spirits, ghost haunting, ghost videos, haunted castles, etc. Any incident that has relevance to ghosts is a paranormal activity. There are umpteen stories about ghosts that have been reported and recorded over the past centuries. But these events have no scientific backing or any kind of natural logic behind them. For this reason rational minded individuals do not believe in ghosts and write off paranormal activity as hallucinations. Haunted castles are very common in UK like Dunstanburg castle, Alnwick castle, Arundel castle, etc. and there are ghost videos of these haunted castles which are popular. Many ghost videos have been uploaded by the general public in you tube, but there is no proper evidence to substantiate them and they are discarded as forged video footages.

Paranormal Activity - Psychic Episodes: A psychic is an ordinary human being who is able to perceive and interpret events which are otherwise not known to normal human beings. The psychic is known to possess powers that are enabling him to say and do things that are well past human intelligence and senses. The psychic senses are termed as artificial intelligence, extra sensory perception, clairvoyance, etc. These psychics are able to communicate with or sense supernatural beings like ghosts and the dead. Psychics narrate events from the past which are away from their knowledge or predict and prophesy future events termed as “remote viewing”. But most of the psychics are fakes who indulge in paranormal activity to earn money.

Paranormal Activity - Alien Encounters: For centuries there is a big research and debates over the existence of life outside the earth. The living beings outside earth are termed as aliens. Scientific explorations have proved that no other celestial object has the basic needs like water, air or gravity to sustain any form of life. Still, people claim to have spotted UFOs and aliens at many places and there are even trails that have been left behind by these extra terrestrial beings, but again none of this paranormal activity has been precisely proven. People over the past have taken pictures and videos of UFOs and aliens but there is still a controversy when it comes to believing them since they are not falling within any field of science.